Memories that Hurt – The Letting Go that Heals

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Until today I held onto some memories from the past… I played with them, dreamt them, thought the scenarios over and over. The hurt, yes it was very real – the person who caused me the pain, yes he was very constant in my mind…

But I realised today that the only person being hurt by my thoughts was me! My turmoil only caused me to sink deeper into the sharp agony which caused the nightmarish condition, the angst and the shame of mistakes I had made and the memories which stopped me from healing because of the wounds of yesterday.

So today I made a decision – No more thinking over and over the “what ifs” and the “if only I had done something differently”. No more wishing for an outcome other than what actually happened. No more giving in to the pain.

I wanted so much to be able to fly again without the bondage of remembering the bad times, the regret, and the stress of over-thinking things which I couldn’t possibly change. I choose to move forward and leave all this hurt behind.

I wonder if you ever feel the same. I wonder if there is something you wish would leave your memory banks and set you free.


Can it be done I questioned?  Can I feel whole again? Can I feel like someone living for the moment – a wonderfully made creature in a beautifully unique world? Can you?

I feel today that it can happen! I believe that if I mark this day as the one I gave up on the negatives and embrace the positives of my life that I can begin afresh. And so can you!

I know your journey is different to mine, but I encourage you, as I encourage myself, allow yourself to heal by forgetting on purpose. Allow yourself to start a new phase by giving whatever it is that holds you captive away. Let it go. Don’t let yourself dwell on the ugly anymore. Free your mind, your heart, your whole self, and fly again. And when you find yourself thinking those thoughts again, banish them. Tell them they no longer have power over you and take away their hold over your life. Forget on Purpose!

I’m determined to do this –  and if you struggle, just as I have, with something so painful that it sears into your very soul, I implore you to try, as I am trying, to live in the present, leave the past behind and concentrate on a better, brighter day!

I wish you every success, lots of love, a beautiful future and only the best for always.

Ashlee North – Author of 8 Published Novels full of Life and Freedom

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