Pictures from my life – The House of Horrors


Someone or something else was there. It was watching. It was lurking. I think it was a she, I am not sure, but in the house I lived in, with my family for four years, things were not normal, not natural… It was eerie. Out in the yard a young girl sat, almost every day upon the swing set, rocking quietly… I could see her – but I don’t know that everyone could.


In the middle of the night footsteps, heavy thumping footsteps roamed the hallways and traversed the stairs. Strange shadows would darken the walls and figures would appear, barely seen, but still there and moving through our home.

The people who lived there before us left in a panic, their daughters and son unable to sleep, dreaming dreams of things that no child should ever see. We moved in and it was the same for us as it was for them. Nightmarish visions and the subconscious realisation that we were not alone.

ghost6How many times did I turn around, feeling that someone was watching? How many times did I see and accept the presence of some other worldly thing as just part of life? In my childish understanding it became normal, however frightening, and I both feared and watched in awe each night, as mystical figures, some with evil faces, some more kind, danced around my bed.

It caused me to wonder, as snippets of my dreams still haunt me all these years later, are we alone? How much don’t we know? What is happening that we cannot see and understand and if we knew would we want to see it?


Is it possible that we have ever present others around us, with us, watching us and taking part in our lives without us even knowing? Is it possible that we are not just ourselves as we know it, but that there is so much more to who we are? Is this all imagining? Is it fiction? Or is it more plausible than we think?

So I wrote this book. “Unborn Essence”. 9781452525891_COVER_FQA.indd

It’s about exactly that. It’s been flagged by Hollywood to be made into a movie. Yes, it’s fiction, but it is made up of many questions, the things I sometimes wonder. Why would we be alone, when there is so much room for more? Maybe we have guardians, helpers, someone who makes us who we are – maybe we have an Essence inside us that changes us…Maybe if you read “Unborn Essence” you would understand and agree that there are possibilities, probabilities and things beyond us that are yet to be known.


After a life time of situations out of the ordinary, I believe there are more questions than we have answers for. Come, help me find the answer…

Ashlee North – Internationally Acclaimed Author of Eight Novels

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