Pictures from my life – Number Two – The Ghostly Girl on the Swings

old swing set 2 The Ghostly Girl on the Swings

I’m not one for imaginary friends. I was always quite well grounded, but from the ages of 6 – 10 we lived in a house – an old farm house – one from which the previous family fled.

There was something there. Many times at night we would hear footsteps on the creaky boards. Sometimes a misty figure would catch your eye. In bed at night ghostly images would tuck me into bed, but I always thought it must somehow be my mother, for what else could it be?

Apparitions entered our room at night, the room I shared with my sister, and we saw them circle the perimeter of the room, stopping every now and then to check in on us, but we never talked about it – just accepted the odd parade as a child does, not really understanding, just taking it all in and blindly believing it to be a part of life.

ghostly child


The girl on the swing was different. She was opaque, although still blurry. She had dark brown hair and eyes as black as black can be. Sitting, swinging, she said nothing and very rarely looked directly at me. She just rocked back and forth. Usually she was there. On one or two occasions I would go to the back yard to find her missing, but for the most part I saw her every day. She showed no fear, no emotion at all, except that I could tell she was sad – very very sad. My sister saw her too, but again we never talked about it.

old swing set

In later years as adults we have talked about the house, a house which has now been knocked down, and we – my sister and I – know now that we saw the same things, dreamt the same dreams at night, and saw the ghostly figures who danced around the walls and kissed us goodnight.

Sometimes I still dream those dreams and I wake up frightened and longing for safety from the shapes and sounds which disturb my sleep. Sometimes I see the door to that bedroom, the one I feared, but had to live in, and it chills me, even though it is only a dream.

No wonder I write books such as my third or fourth book “Wake me up so I can Dream” and the last one “Unborn Essence” for the paranormal and supernatural have visited me and stay with me still.

I can still picture the girl in the back yard. I wonder if she still swings there?

Ashlee North – Author

my books2


2 thoughts on “Pictures from my life – Number Two – The Ghostly Girl on the Swings

  1. Ashley after reading your blog on girls on a swing l was mesmerized. It was as though my sister and l were paralleling the same experience you had with the ghosts but many years ago. I keep a picture of me holding on to the swing set and it looks just like the photo of what you have on your blog tonight..October 28. So eerie, yet l understand what you went through. I,too, write everyday now waking up around 3:15 a.m. There are so many things l would love to share with you. Should you have any spare time, oops that was a misnomer, l would like to correspond with you. I would respect your email and not mention it to anyone. I am also a writer and publisher. Most sincerely, Daphna Ruth Moore

    • Hi there Daphna,
      How interesting and mind-blowing that you had such a similar experience. We lived in the house for over four years and I still have nightmares about it. I can still see those visions all these years later and it reminds me constantly that there is so much more, within this thing we call life, than we can understand or fully contemplate. I would love to talk with you and share our experiences! My email address is I am looking forward to our talks! Love and blessings to you… Ashlee North – Author

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