Pictures from my life – Number One – The Corgi Dog

corgi pup2The Corgi Dog

When I was about five we had a dog – a little corgi dog – cute and good tempered and very very loyal. I remember the cold days, when the frost on the ground chilled your toes and my face and nose was impossible to feel because the whipping wind caused it to be so cold. I walked what seemed to a small child a long way to the bus stop at the end of the long driveway out of the farm we lived on and every day this gorgeous creature would walk with me, keeping me company and making me feel less alone.

I was very young and everything seemed so much bigger. Having seen that farm again and that driveway as an adult, they are not so big and not as far as I remember – still at the time the bus stop seemed so far away.

Every afternoon, without fail, I would ride the bus home and every afternoon sitting at the bus stop was the ever present company of the Corgi Dog – Toby. Somehow he knew what time it was. Something in his undeniably correct time-clock he knew it was time to meet me and joined me on the walk home. I remember still the way it felt when he ran to me and made me feel welcome and safe again.


One afternoon he became locked in the laundry somehow and the story is still clear in my mind of how he scratched and pawed at the door for ages, trying to get out so he could come to meet me. I can still picture the scratch marks on the door.

When I got off the bus that day, I remember crying because my little friend wasn’t there to greet me and I remember the worry I felt that something must have happened to him, but in the end he was just locked in.

little girl crying

From that day on his care for this one little girl was constant. He was loyal until the day he became too old for this world and we eventually got a new Corgi Dog and we called him Toby2.

I’ll never forget those freezing days, the icy air chilling me to my bones, but more than that I will never forget the unwavering love of my small friend, Toby.

Love and blessings to you all from Ashlee North – Author my books2


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