Showcasing Awesome Author – H.L Laffin – by Ashlee North

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Author Bio.

For as long as H.L. Laffin can remember she has always had a love for reading and writing. With her love for animals, she started there and the older she got, the more advanced her stories became, with mystery and crime being her subjects of choice instead of animals. Writing her first miniseries at 11 years old for her sister, was when she knew that she wanted to become an author and write mystery and romance books. And as the years carried on, her craft became tweaked and toned to a fine art. Proud of her Canadian roots, and a mother of three H.L. Laffin still finds time to garden, take pictures, paint and relax with a good book. She is often found hidden away, in the late hours of the night crafting many various types of romance stories. You’ll fall in love with her characters and find yourself reading more than you bargained for as her novels are fast paced, passionate, and heart-warming. As you’re engrossed within the world she creates, you’ll want to see what happens next as her stories are sure to be suspenseful and page turning. You’ll experience the pain, the happiness and love. Not only are her stories rich with romance but also filled with steamy scenes. H.L. Laffin is a strong believer in fairy tale endings; she wants her novels to be just as realistic as life. Her characters will take journeys and endure struggles to fight their demons, but they will always find their personal happily-ever-after as she did. May you enjoy the quest you are about to embark on…

Holly Laffin An Old Connection

“In need of a serious break from those that aimed to harm her, Ivy Peters took on the position of CEO in a foreign country; Marseilles, France. Unbeknownst to her, she would now be the boss of the man who used to be her best friend. A man she’d spent time with. He was a man whom she’d shared many of her secrets with, and a man she’d worked with once upon a time. It had been years since she last said farewell to him. A painful day, it was… How would he react? And would this time be their chance at happiness, or would he hate her forever?
Gregory Best couldn’t believe he’d been passed up on his dream title from the firm he’d been working hard at for the last four years. The job was scouted out to a woman, and one from Canada. To make matters worse, the job was given to an old lover of his. Now he had to listen to her and that fueled him with rage. He wouldn’t make it easy for her. Greg would do whatever he had to do to take the title he so deserved. And if that meant being ruthless to his once best friend, then so be it! But seeing her caught him off guard…
Was she strong enough to hold onto the title and fight off her attraction for the man she once loved? Or would he steal the title of CEO and crush her heart in the process? Would An Old Connection be enough for either of them in a boardroom war?”


HollyThe Love That Healed Them Both

“Heather had lost her whole family unexpectedly at 16. Befriending a troubled horse sentenced for death, she adopts Excalibur. Focused on getting her education to become a veterinarian before finding love, and a family of her own. She later meets a wonderful stranger who has his own demons, and after sharing a wonderful night together, she wakes to see that Andreas has left. With her career and racing a success, how will Heather take to meeting the man she loathes as Andy, even though he is the man she had met once and fell in love with? And how will she take to learning that he is not as sweet and loving as she first thought? Because Andreas has a vicious temper and is not looking to settle down with a family of his own. Will she tell him of her secret? And is he ready to be the man she needs in her life? Is Heather’s love for Andreas enough to heal them both? Only, The Love That Healed Them Both has the answers they are looking for.”


Holly2Only Fate Could Predict

“With Daisy’s life already set in motion and her best friend Ryan’s life mapped out, how will she take it when she finds out the child she gave birth to is not the man she marrieds’? But that of her best friend; a night neither of them remember. How will one woman fare in a game of wits, courage, and spirit? Can she end up victorious or will she lose everything and everyone she loves? Find out as you follow Daisy in this story that will let you see how a woman can be triumphant despite physical and emotional pains. In an amazing story of fortitude and love, discover how Daisy finds her missing son, rescues her husband, remains strong and faithful while assumed widowed, helps her ex-husband find his missing wife, and ends up toppling a major women trafficking operation. How did she do all this – and still end up strong and alive? Truly, Only Fate Could Predict what future awaits her.”

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