Want sticky gooey love?

Yes please!


I want crashing, pounding waves!

I want passion and smokin’ love!

I want my whole life to be a symphony of music that never ends!

I want something better! I want better loving from my partner!

I want whatever more there is!

I want sticky, gooey, delicious love!

Oh boy, do I ever!!!

How do I get some of that?

And where?

May I suggest right where you are – in the relationship you’re in – with the one you are already with…

Try this – Just for a week or two, be really positive, see your lover with new eyes and let the annoying bits and pieces slip on past, like they weren’t even there. Put your rose coloured glasses back on, like you had when you were first together, and wait for the new images to astound you!

Prefer positivity in every situation and show your love.

Even if you think things are a little stagnant and maybe you don’t really feel like it… pour on the love – like maple syrup onto pancakes – keep pouring it on until it runs over the edges – and believe me when I say the rewards will come.


Make it happen and don’t give up until you see the difference. Believe there will be one, and soon enough it will be truth, even if at first it seems impossible!

There are barely any relationships that won’t improve if you just add on some tasty toppings and some sprinkles!

Get yourself some sticky gooey loving! 🙂

Try it for yourself!

Take the lead!

Give it some time… and you will see!


I wish love to you all from Ashlee North – International Author http://ashleenorthauthor.com/

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