Never Stop the Passionate Chase!


Something we all notice, as a relationship goes on, is the changes. Sometimes they’re subtle and sometimes they hit you in the face like a mallot!

There will always be change – we can’t really stop that – but I was wondering…  could we keep the romance and the closeness and the chasing please?

Relationships morph into something different as love deepens, becomes more comfortable and time passes, but I think we can still keep the passion!  I think we can still have fun! Go on dates! Be wild and spontaneous and keep the magic alive!

Of course, both of you have to want to, but wouldn’t it be worth it? Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel that crazy desire, that excitement, that joy to be together?

Surprise and Romance and just doing the little things that appeal to the one you love – that’ll do it.

Yes, buy the flowers! Yes, take your lover out somewhere special! And please don’t wait for Valentines Day! It only happens once a year and who knows what fantastic benefits your new-found passion for each other could bring… Really!

Chase each other – like you did in the beginning! The catching will be all the more fun!

Do it! Do it Now! Love each other! 🙂

Ashlee North – International Author –  or just google my name





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