Inside the maze of me…


My heart lives in a castle, at the centre of a maze, which is difficult to master. Why does it reside so carefully, safely, hidden away? Why does it require walls to protect it and a door with only one key?

Because of hurt, is the only answer. Life is apt to bring us hurt among many other things. It is apt to bring us joy and peace as well, but hurt seems to stay with us longer. I wonder why it is sometimes that we tend to hold onto the painful, our not so great attempts at love, our mistakes and unreachable goals…

It is sad that we let them have so much of us and that among the twists and turns of the maze of our lives that we give more attention to the dead ends than the wonderful journey and the way we have grown from it all.

We all search for something, we all long for hope and we all want to be loved, but without a map, without knowledge of how to find our heart, someone else is unlikely to stumble upon the treasure that lies within the castle at the end of the maze.

Choose carefully and be wise, but never ever lock the doors entirely, because beauty and happiness is found only when you allow someone to find the inner you, within the walls you’ve built, and then in faith give them the key.

Love and blessings to you all,

Ashlee North – Author



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