Meet Guest Author Leeanne Asher-Northey… writing as Ashlee North

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

meHi there! My name’s Ashlee North.  I’m very pleased to meet you and I’d love to tell you a bit about me.

I’m friendly, open, usually a joy to be with, and I like a lot of interesting and varied things, so I’m sure  we’ll have something in common with each other…

I’m in my mid thirties and I live on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I know… I am so very spoilt to live here! I love it!

Primarily I am a lover of words and music. I adore singing, listening to music, going to concerts… and writing – Yes I’m an author – I write fiction; novels of all types; and I find the most joy in taking readers on a journey with my stories. This why I write – to tell stories of different genres – Suspense, the Paranormal, Psychological Thrillers, Young Adult Books, Fantasy and One young persons book, but all…

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