Live, love and learn – The storms of life



It’s not easy when we are faced with disappointments in our relationship, to remain clear in our thinking. We do tend to over analyse sometimes; taking every word, action and putting it under the microscope – trying to work out what went wrong. Sadly, this often leads to thinking we’ve got it all worked out by ourselves. Then we hit our lover with our version of the truth, which is possibly not the whole truth at all.

The playground of the mind can be a very volatile place, and we have to be careful where we allow our minds to wander. We have two choices when faced with a situation that hurts our hearts; either to spin around and around on our minds carousel, or to find the right time to go to the source and talk it through quietly.

We all know that there are two sides to every story, well sometimes there are two entirely different thought patterns too. Many times we perceive things incredibly differently to each other, and the things that we think are huge, our lover may not have even given any thought to. It’s not necessarily because they’re cruel and thoughtless, but because they just didn’t see it the way we did.

Our minds have the capability of tricking us when we’re feeling emotional, and unfortunately they are also in control of our tongues. Being really sure we’re both emotionally ready to talk, and remembering everything that makes us close is of utmost importance.

We need to be so careful we don’t rip apart the very thing which usually makes us very happy when we’re feeling very sad. Hurt has the unhappy ability to show itself as anger, and therefore holding out for the right time is worth it. Sometimes we’ve just got to ride it out until the right time comes to talk; preferably when the merry-go-round has stopped spinning so fast, and the storm has passed a little.


All the best to you.


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